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Offshore Regulation Scaffolding in the UK
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Under UK law, the use of scaffolding used in construction is carried out under regulations introduced as part of the Work at Height regulations. Offshore scaffolding construction, alterations or dismantling are subject to extra design regulations as they are classified as outside basic design specifications.


        The UK government's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the agency responsible for ensuring the safety of scaffolding. The construction industry is required to adhere to standards established under UK and European Union law when using scaffolding.

        The construction, alteration or dismantling of offshore scaffolding must be designed by a competent person to ensure the strength and stability of the scaffold at all times. The design should include the methods and sequence to be used in all phases of the use of scaffolding.

        All scaffolding used in the UK is required to be inspected by an individual assessed under the HSE's Construction Industry Scaffolder's Registration Scheme. Each group working on a scaffolding construction should include an individual qualified or with appropriate experience on the scaffolding installation being used.

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