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How to Access Scaffolding
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In a 2002 study conducted by Ailing Kong, scaffolding was shown to "create opportunities for students to practice and develop their literacy knowledge and skill." According to Kong, some instructional forms that use scaffolding are explicit instruction, modeling, assisting student participation, building on students' existing knowledge, and participating in the discussion as a participant. Using scaffolding in the classroom can improve test scores, create a positive and safe learning environment, and make your students feel successful.


        Use explicit instruction while teaching, explaining the material in a clear, step-by-step format. Never assume that your students will automatically understand a concept that is central to your lesson. Review previously learned material regularly and use direct language while teaching.

        Model expectations for student performance by showing your students what to do in addition to telling them. Complete every assignment yourself and present it to the class to show what you would ideally like your students to accomplish. Some teachers use past students' work in their lessons to give students ideas and to add to their understanding of the assignment.

        Assist in student participation by providing encouragement and by using mediational tools. Kong's study included tools such as "fishbowl discussions, writing prompts, flexible grouping and student self-evaluation checklists."

        Build on students' prior knowledge by creating assignments that use life experiences and by offering students choices so that they are able to use what they already know as a foundation for new learning. Showing students that you value their life experience adds to their self-efficacy and confidence.

        Participate in class discussions by answering questions, providing background information and by modeling appropriate discussion behavior. Not only do students learn from your behavior, the conversation may become more engaging when you are able to add your own thinking into the mix.

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